Tasha Kheiriddin Show: Tuesday, October 3rd

Lines at the Winnipeg airport after hour long evacuation. Christian Aumell / 680 CJOB

In case you missed it: Here are all the highlights of the Tasha Kheiriddin Show on October 3rd.

Conference Board of Canada: 450 000 immigrants a year would improve economy

According to the board, the economy would see a boost if newcomers have better job outcomes. Michelle Rempel is the immigration critic for the Conservative party, she joins to share her views on the release.

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Backyard chickens are coming to Toronto

After a vote today at city hall, Toronto has approved backyard chicken coups within the city. Councillor Justin Di Ciano is one of the Councillors who voted yes, he joins the show to explain why.

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Mother demands fair treatment for sons after paper route turns shady

After learning her children were being “exploited” by their employer, Amelia Golden went to social media to ensure her two sons were given their wages. Do children get taken advantage of in these kinds of jobs? Tasha speaks with Amelia to learn more about the situation, and then goes to callers to get their thoughts.

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How a young woman from United Emirates proves hockey is for everyone

In preparation for Hockey 4 Youth will be launching their season next week, today they held their first skate. They were joined by Fatima Al Ali, a woman from United Emirates who proved hockey really can be for everyone. She also joined Tasha on the phone to talk about her journey.

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