WHSFL talking expansion following increase in female footballers

Click to play video: 'WHSFL talking expansion following increase in female footballers' WHSFL talking expansion following increase in female footballers
WATCH: Global's Mitch Rosset reports on the rise of female players in the WHSFL – Sep 27, 2017

WINNIPEG – For years, guys ruled the gridiron. But there’s now a new player taking the turf.

More and more girls are joining the Winnipeg High School Football League, tackling a traditionally male dominated sport.

“It’s not really in a sense of I’m trying to get attention because I’m a girl on the football team,” Garden City Fighting Gophers defensive lineman Hannah Glass said.

“I’m trying to make awareness to show that girls can be as strong as guys.”

Five seasons ago, there were only three girls playing in the league. Today, at least 20 are lining up next to the guys.

The amount of girls playing in the WHSFL has increased by almost 700% in the last five years. Andrew Miller / Global News

The rapid rise has officials tossing around the idea of creating a female spring division to help in development.

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“There’s no body type we don’t want,” WHSFL commissioner Rick Henkewich said. “There’s nobody we don’t want.”

On the field and alongside it. A handful of high school teams have also recruited women as coaches.

“I think girls have to not be scared and not be worried,” Garden City Fighting Gophers assistant coach Lisa Cummings said. “They’re all valuable and strong enough.”

To not only play with the boys, but beat them as well.

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