Manitobans fearful for their families trapped in Mexico City following horrifying earthquake

Destruction following earthquake in central Mexico. Juan Alberto Castillo

Several devastating natural disasters have ripped through the world in recent weeks. The earthquake in central Mexico one of the many such events.

Families across Winnipeg are on edge following these catastrophic disasters, and Mexican Canadians living in Winnipeg said they’re left feeling helpless.

Alberta Velasco is with the Mex Y Can Association of Manitoba and said Tuesday’s earthquake that has claimed at least 286 lives, brings back memories from when he lived in Mexico and experienced the horrific earthquake of 1985.

“It was early in the morning and my mom she started screaming, ran in to the room where I was sleeping, my brothers and I. She just grabbed us and ran out of the house,” Velasco said.

He said he’s left helpless from a distance as his community tries to search for loved ones and also tries to rebuild.

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“We know how bad this is. We know how badly help is needed so we organized,” Velasco said.

He said the association created a go fund me page to help raise funds for the communities completely torn apart and hopes to not only use the funds to bring them food and medication, but also to help rebuild their homes and businesses.

A friend of the association living in Mexico City spoke to Global News over Skype and said he is also driving to and from the rural parts of Mexico hit hardest to bring supplies and anything needed immediately.

“We’re bringing food. We’re bringing water. We’re bringing medicine because that’s really urgent,” Esteban Moran, from Mexico City, said.

Volunteers in Mexico City continue to work around the clock as do Mexican Canadians in hopes of finding a way to rebuild their communities back home.

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