Regina integrated services centre first of its kind in Canada

Regina’s new Mâmawêyatitân Centre officially opened its doors Tuesday. Derek Putz / Global News

Regina’s new Mâmawêyatitân Centre officially opened its doors Tuesday.

Many gathered to celebrate the opening of the $42.2 million integrated services centre, which includes the new Scott Collegiate High School, a city recreational complex, a public library branch, a community policing centre, a 33 space child care centre and an Indigenous Elders’ ceremonial room.

“I think it’s a wonderful thing, the fact that this centre is a community hub,” Minister of Education, Bronwyn Eyre, said Tuesday.

“(It’s) the way of the future. A lot of jurisdictions have looked at the successes of community hub models such as this one. It’s a beautiful facility, a forward-looking facility.”

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Students at Scott Collegiate are excited about the facility as well. Sheyenne Kay, a grade 12 student says the new school is much bigger than the last one.

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“It’s more lively here (there’s) more activity, more experiences to have,” she said.

Although the building has changed, the people have not, Kay said.

“At this school, a lot of people like it more because of the homey-ness you have. The people that are here, they invite you in and help you adapt to your surroundings.”

The word “mâmawêyatitân” is Cree for “let’s be all together.”

Multiple contributions

Many factions made contrubutions to the Mâmawêyatitân Centre. The Government of Saskatchewan contributed $31 million to the new Scott Collegiate, the City of Regina gave $8.8 million to the North Central Community Learning Centre and the Regina Public Library is added $2.4 million for the Regina Public Library’s Albert Branch.

The Mosaic Company has given $100,000 to provide a green space at the facility for storytelling and teaching. The green space is to be named “Heart of the Site” and will be constructed in a circular pattern. Elements in its construction will be guided by Indigenous practices and teachings.

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