Peterborough couple in Haiti braces for Hurricane Irma

Heather Rodin of Peterborough is in Haiti bracing for Hurricane Irma.
Heather Rodin of Peterborough is in Haiti bracing for Hurricane Irma. Hope Grows Haiti/Facebook

A Peterborough couple say they’ll continue their humanitarian work in Haiti as Hurricane Irma bears down on the island nation.

Gord and Heather Rodin manage “Hope Grows Haiti,” a charity launched to help rebuild Grande Groave, a west coast area that was devastated by an earthquake in 2010.

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The Rodins flew to Haiti on Sunday to help officially open a new school on the volunteer compound on Thursday. However, earlier Wednesday Heather stated on Facebook that the school opening will be postponed due to Hurricane Irma.

“It’s still beautiful here and sunny here and so hot and to look around, you’d never know Hurricane Irma is barrelling down on this little country once again,” Heather posted on Facebook. “Once again it’s gorgeous and we will take it a day at a time.”

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The Rodins hope it’s not a case of deja vu. Last year their compound and the village were hit hard by Hurricane Matthew which caused significant damage and left many villagers homeless.

On Thursday, Heather messaged the administrator of the Hope Grows Haiti Facebook page to state that all flights out of Haiti are cancelled for the next days.

“Hoping for (a) flight Monday night. Getting dark here now but a reprieving breeze, feels good. This is the first time in two days I’ve had service,” wrote Heather.

She said the storm hit is expected to hit the area Friday around 2 a.m. as it makes its way north (and likely towards Florida).

“Radio is broadcasting danger warnings continually,” she wrote. “Telling people to stay somewhere safe. No one in this village has anywhere safe. We are feeding village children right now so they can get home. Our staff are boarding up our windows now too and Gord is making a dog house to put over our generator.

“Because of Matthew, the villagers here are terrified.We see it in their eyes. Real fear.

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The biggest danger is the flooding from the mountains and a storm surge. We are right on the west ocean coast.”

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