Contrary to reports, nobody is digging up real Confederates, or is likely to

Confederates slumber undisturbed in their graves, a state of affairs that's likely to continue, contrary to reports from dubious sources. GETTY IMAGES

It’s one thing to debate taking down statues of Confederates, quite another to dig up genuine Confederates, mouldering in their graves these many years.

But that’s what readers of a range of dubious sites were told was happening this week. Separate fake news stories claimed that:

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Since you’re reading about it here, it won’t be surprising to learn that none of these things have happened, are happening or are likely to happen in the future; real Confederates are only disturbed symbolically.

The tiny grain from which the idea started seems to come from a campaign in Memphis to take down a statue of Forrest. In 2015, protesters removed a small piece of grass near, but not on, his grave. (Forrest was originally buried in a cemetery, then was moved in 1904 to an elaborate tomb in a park that was named after him. The park has since been renamed ‘Health Sciences Park,’ and local councillors have voted to move Forrest, perhaps to the cemetery where he spent the first 28 years of his interment, but nothing has actually happened.)

In any case, it seems there already are enough issues keeping the ghosts of the Confederacy buried without borrowing further trouble.

h/t to the Associated Press and Snopes (link, link)

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WATCH: Confederate monuments have been removed overnight in Baltimore. Local news outlets report that workers began hauling monuments away early Wednesday, days after a white nationalist rally in Virginia turned deadly.
Click to play video: 'Confederate statues in Baltimore quietly removed overnight' Confederate statues in Baltimore quietly removed overnight
Confederate statues in Baltimore quietly removed overnight – Aug 16, 2017

In fake news news:

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