Parc Safari unveils Quebec’s first cheetahs bred in captivity

Click to play video: 'Parc Safari has two cheetah cubs' Parc Safari has two cheetah cubs
WATCH ABOVE: Two cheetah cubs, born in captivity at Parc Safari, are making history in Quebec. Global's Billy Shields reports – Aug 9, 2017

They’re about three months old and not much bigger than a yorkie.

A stripe of grey fuzz marks their backs for camouflage, and when they want your attention, it sounds more like a squeak than a roar.

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But the Parc Safari residents are both cute and a first—Quebec’s first cheetahs bred in captivity.

Named Jolani and Mosi, the cheetahs are the product of a father from Parc Safari and a mother from the Toronto Zoo.

The mother came to Parc Safari in December.

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“She didn’t seem very receptive to breed,” said Nathalie Santerre, the zoo’s top zoologist. “But on the sixth [male cheetah], she said ‘yes!’ that’s my man!”
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The cheetahs will be full-grown in about a year.

The zoo wants to release them into the wild eventually, but before that they have to get acclimated to life in an outdoor environment.

“We’re just giving them the opportunity to explore,” Santerre said.

This is one of two terminally cute cheetah cubs at Parc Safari. Billy Shields/Global News

The public will be able to view the cheetah cubs starting September 1st.

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