Close to 100,000 potholes filled in Winnipeg this year alone, councillor says

City officials are now releasing information on how pot holes in Winnipeg are repaired. Shelden Rogers/Global News

WINNIPEG — For the first time ever, the city is keeping track of how many pot holes are being repaired across Winnipeg.

Charleswood City Councillor, Marty Morantz, suggested the idea to public works officials before the new year, to help give Winnipeggers an idea how of how the pot holes are being handled.

“It’s totally new information. They’ve never measured it this way before. There’s no prior year to measure it against,” Morantz said.

Nearly every week, Morantz posts an update to Twitter.

So far in 2017, Morantz said more than 98,000 pot holes have been filled.

“This year will become a baseline for future years to see how we’re doing,” he said.

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Pot hole repairs should exceed 100,000 within the next week, Morantz said.

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