London Humane Society says leave dogs home during Canada Day fireworks

People watch and take photos of a fireworks display. Giulio Bisio/Getty Images

Fireworks have become a stapled tradition for Canada day, but according to the London Humane Society, our canine friends would rather stay at home.

With fireworks coming around only seasonally, dogs struggle to adjust to the explosive sounds caused when they go off, according to the London Humane Society.

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Executive Director of the London Humane Society, Jody Foster, said in the press release that dogs are set off in fear and tremble at fireworks for this reason.

“We know that dogs have acute hearing. They hear frequencies that are much higher and lower than humans do,” said Foster.

According to the humane society, dogs are more likely to be afraid of fireworks than cats, and can even develop certain noise phobias. These are fears of particular noises likened to that of fireworks, initiating an irrational response.

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As well as leaving your dog at home to observe fireworks, the humane society suggests that you can calm your pets down by closing blinds and windows, placing blankets over crates to block out excess light, or even giving them treats to distract them from the loud noises. In addition, the London Humane Society encourages Londoners to update their pets information in case they are scared off and get loose.

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