Dundurn, Sask. woman tired of tent caterpillar infestation

Click to play video: 'Tent Caterpillar Infestation'
Tent Caterpillar Infestation
WATCH: A Dundurn, Sask. woman's video of a tent caterpillar infestation at her home is going viral. Blake Lough talks with the woman at the centre of the creepy-crawly problem – May 31, 2017

Tent caterpillar season is in full swing around Saskatchewan and for one Dundurn family the pests have taken over the walls and deck of their home.

A video posted by Tammi Hanowski from her acreage about 10 minutes south of Saskatoon shows an army of the caterpillars all over her home.

“My deck is probably the worst it has ever been. They are just all over the house, the barn, the pool and everywhere,” Hanowski said.

Since the video was posted Monday it has gone viral with over 206,000 views by Thursday morning.

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Hanowski said her family has only lived at the property for a year and a half, but a neighbour who has been in the area for much longer said it was the worst gathering of caterpillars she had seen.

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Because her initial video has been watched and shared so often, plenty of strangers have been offering advice on how to best manage the pests. While she appreciates the good intentions, she said not many have been helpful.

“Unfortunately people don’t understand I think the extent of what you have in an acreage. You just can’t spray a few trees, I mean there’s hundreds of trees around our property,” Hanowski said.

“While I appreciate the tips, none of them are going to help in this massive situation.”

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Tent caterpillars feed on a large variety of trees, including ash, poplar, and chokecherry.

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