Watch: Little gosling integrated with ‘foster family’ by BC wildlife rescue group

Gosling integrated into foster family in Burnaby, B.C.
Gosling integrated into foster family in Burnaby, B.C. Credit: Facebook/Wildlife Rescue Association of BC

An orphaned baby goose was taken under the wing of a foster goose family on Friday, thanks to the work of a B.C. wildlife rescue organization.

A volunteer with the Wildlife Rescue Association of B.C. noticed a family with similar-aged goslings and went to work.

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The association posted a video on its Facebook page documenting how the gosling was “immediately accepted” by a set of goose parents in Burnaby.

“It’s not always the case — the Canadian Geese will take in orphaned goslings as long as it matches the age of their young,” the group explained.

“This was a perfect way to get one of the goslings on site back to nature.”

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The wildlife association said five more goslings were welcomed by other goose families.

“It’s always important not to overwhelm the parents or give them more than they can care for,” an employee explained in another message. “So, we only add one or two to large families, and for smaller families, three to four.”

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