Extreme flooding risk possible overnight in New Brunswick

WATCH ABOVE: Significant rainfall across the province lead to more road closures and barricades as roadways along the St. John river remain water-covered. Global's Adrienne South has more on how residents in the Maugerville area are coping with flooding.

New Brunswick Emergency Measures officials say flooding is still possible in several areas across the province.

With more than 100 mm of rain in the forecast overnight, emergency officials are asking New Brunswickers to remain vigilant about excessive flooding in some areas of the province.

NB EMO communications coordinator Marc André Chiasson told reporters on Saturday that areas such as Maugerville and Sheffield are still at risk of increasing water levels along the St. John River, especially along Route 105.

“With the river right now being above flood stage, it’s actually going over the road. There are some… ‘lakes’ on the other side of the road as well that are from past rains and it’s just accumulating more and more water, so it’s getting dangerous,” Chiasson said. “It’s damaging the roads, it’s bringing in debris and there’s a lot of things for drivers to be careful of — that’s why right now this road is closed to anyone without a pass.”

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He said there are several spots where water is now over the road.  He said Friday night to Saturday morning there was approximately 33 mm of rainfall.

“They’re expecting even more in the evening — overnight by Sunday there should be between 45-65 mm and by Monday close to 100 mm,” Chiasson said.

“We’re keeping an eye on the situation and if the water levels continue to rise, then we will need to push back the barricade… It’s just for everyone’s safety … we want to block where the water is so that no one ventures somewhere where they shouldn’t be,” he said.

Anyone living along waterways is asked to be cautious as the water is cold and fast-moving.

Drivers are also being asked to slow down on water-covered roads and obey speed limits and road signs.