Calgary business owner acts fast after false online customer review

Business owner has to act fast to fix a false online customer review
WATCH: Wed, Apr 12: A Calgary business owner discovered an online review about his company named the wrong business. Tony Tighe explains how he fixed the mistake and has tips for other business owners on how to manage the social media reputation.

Most business owners closely monitor what’s being said about their companies to protect their reputation.

So when Ron Steppacher found a negative review on the Google Maps page for his business he wanted to reach out to the customer, but couldn’t find the person in his records.

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“I have never heard of this guy what so ever,” the owner of Alberta Vinyl Windows and Doors told Global News on Wednesday.

“I have never done business with him or any of my customers done business with him.”

After searching the person’s name and contacting them, Steppacher discovered the man made a mistake and mixed up two company names — one of them being Steppacher’s — when posting a review.

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“He apologized, he was wrong and retracted the review immediately,” Steppacher said.

The Better Business Bureau in Calgary says negative and even fake online reviews are reality.

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Corporate communications manager Leah Brownridge said the bureau encourages businesses not to ignore complaints, but to respond to them.

“It is best to reach out directly to the consumer, but also respond on that review platform so that you can show others you are maintaining an active presence online,” she said. “You do care what’s being said about your business and you’re on top of it.”

But Steppacher says it’s a two-way street, and consumers shouldn’t believe everything they see on the internet.

“You really need to watch what your reading on social media and call the company and if you have issues, call the Better Business Bureau and they”ll help you out,” he said.

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Business owners can monitor anything said about their business online with Google Alerts or use web tools like Fakespot and Review Skeptic to catch false reports.

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