More asylum seekers make the trek from the US in to Manitoba Saturday morning

More asylum seekers make the trek from the US in to Manitoba Saturday
WATCH: Global News witnessed four more people who had just made their way over the border on foot into Emerson, Manitoba. Federal MPs visited the community Saturday to assess the situation. Zahra Premji reports.

WINNIPEG — At least four more people have crossed the border from the US in to Emerson, Manitoba.

Saturday morning Global News captured footage of at least four asylum seekers being met by RCMP Officers on Highway 75 on the Emerson, Manitoba side of the border.

The town Reeve, Greg Janzen, confirms the asylum seekers crossed over.

Seven asylum seekers, including a young child made the same treacherous trek on Wednesday. The total number of refugee claimants on record at Welcome Place sits at 139, not including the at least four more people that arrived Saturday.

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For the first time since the influx of asylum seekers started making their way across the US-Canada border in to Emerson, Federal Members of Parliament came to the small town to speak to locals and officials.

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However, Greg Janzen, the Reeve of Emerson-Franklin said he was unaware of the federal visit until Global News informed him.

As a result of not being notified about the visit, Janzen said he would not be coming back to town for a visit he wasn’t invited to.

Janzen along with people living in the community said they would have preferred some notification that federal officials were coming to visit their town, instead of just showing up without any warning to them.

MaryAnne Mihychuk is the MP for Kildonan-St.Paul and Robert Falcon-Ouellette is the MP for Winnipeg Centre. Both MP’s went to Emerson Saturday to get a feel for how the town is doing and said it wasn’t an official visit and that’s why they hadn’t informed anyone other than the media.

“I’m not a formal representative of the Liberal party. I’m a Manitoban who happens to be a member of parliament coming out to talk to regular folks to see how things are going,” Mihychuk said.

She couldn’t address any possible funding announcements from Ottawa, but did say the Federal Government is aware of the situation in Emerson and is doing what it can to help the people of the town as they welcome more asylum seekers.



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