Iceland president forced to Facebook in attempt to end pineapple pizza controversy

Click to play video: 'Iceland president in the middle of pineapple pizza predicament' Iceland president in the middle of pineapple pizza predicament
WATCH: Iceland president in the middle of pineapple pizza predicament. Mike Drolet reports. – Feb 22, 2017

Some people think pineapple on pizza is a must-have while others would like to see their countries ban the combination.

The others in this case would be Icelandic president Gudni Johannesson who was speaking to a group of high school students last week when he declared his distaste for pineapple on pizza.

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Johannesson went so far as to suggest he would pass a ban on pineapple as a pizza topping if he had the power to pass laws on his own, Iceland Magazine said.

Naturally, social media erupted as people declared their passion for or against Johannesson’s stance.

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After only four months on the job, he has a 97 per cent approval rating and he is looking to keep it that way as he took to Facebook to clarify his position on pineapple on pizza.

“I like pineapples, just not on pizza. I do not have the power to make laws which forbid people to put pineapples on their pizza. I am glad that I do not hold such power,” Johannesson said. “Presidents should not have unlimited power. I would not want to hold this position if I could pass laws forbidding that which I don’t like. I would not want to live in such a country.”

Of course, while he tried to put the pineapple protests to rest, he may have also ignited the next Twitter topic by stating, “For pizzas, I recommend seafood.”


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