Donations pouring in for refugees crossing Emerson border

Donations poured in for refugees who crossed the Emerson border.
Donations poured in for refugees who crossed the Emerson border. Rudi Pawlychyn/Global News

WINNIPEG – Dozens of Winnipeggers dropped off donations for refugees who have been crossing the Canadian border in Emerson, Manitoba.

The Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute was asking for everything from clothing to toiletries to food items at Monday’s donation drive.

“The other refugees that have been coming have been sponsored either privately or by government, what we’ve been seeing here is a tremendous increase in the amount of unsponsored which means they have no official support,” said Laurel Martin, executive director of the CMWI.

Martin said the response had been great and plenty of much-needed items had been dropped off.

Between Thursday morning and Sunday morning 30 asylum seekers illegally crossed the border.

Of those, 25 are staying at The Salvation Army since other Winnipeg newcomer agencies have been so busy.

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“Our role really is housing and feeding, maybe some dietary concerns obviously these are folks who may be a little worried about who they’re talking to so making them feel safe, making them feel comfortable, making sure that we’re here to help them as best that we can,” said Major Rob Kerr, with The Salvation Army.

Kerr said another 60 could easily be housed but any more than that would require special arrangements to be made.