Saskatchewan RCMP urge caution on icy highways in west-central Sask.

According to RCMP, a semi tractor-trailer rolled due to extremely icy road conditions and wind gusts on Highway 14 just southeast of Wilkie, Sask. Saskatchewan RCMP / Supplied

RCMP issued road advisories on Monday afternoon to warn drivers about extremely icy highway conditions in west-central Saskatchewan.

Police officials said warm temperatures melted several places, however weather conditions worsened over the noon hour as blowing snow moved in.

Highways 16, 21, 14 and 29 as well as rural roads have portions and intersections considered to be “hazardous.”

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RCMP are advising travellers to drive with caution in the Maidstone, Unity and Wilkie areas and take any precautions necessary to arrive at destinations safely.

According to Unity RCMP, a semi tractor-trailer rolled due to extremely icy road conditions and wind gusts on Highway 14 just southeast of Wilkie.

The highway was restricted to one lane for several hours as the the fuel tanks the semi was hauling were unloaded and transferred to another truck and spillage was cleaned up.

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Mounties advise that areas where emergency personnel are working are restricted to 60 kilometres per hour and fines begin at $300 for drivers passing at unsafe speeds.

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The Department of Highways is working to ensure the affected highways are cleared. Snow plow operators are trained to pull over every so often to allow traffic to safely pass.

Police officials are also reminding motorists that passing a snow plow in operation with its lights flashing faster than 60 km/h is against the law. Fines start at $120 at 10 km/h over.

For the latest road conditions, check the Highway Hotline.

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