Bunz community helps couple find officiant for wedding in Toronto airport

Rachelle scarfo and Treffyn Koreshoff reached out to Bunz users to find them an officiant for their Toronto Pearson airport wedding. Dave Kotyk/ Global TV

A long-distance couple enlisted the help of online bartering community Bunz to find themselves an officiant for their last-minute wedding in Toronto’s Pearson airport Saturday.

After last-minute flight and visa issues stalled their original wedding planned to take place in San Francisco, Toronto’s Rachelle Scarfo and her Australian-born fiancee Treffyn Koreshoff reached out to the local trading community Bunz users for help in finding an officiant who could marry them in Toronto’s Pearson airport.

The couple was set to get married in San Francisco, where Koreshoff is currently working on a visa, but had to cancel when Scarfo ran into documentation issues that would’ve prevented her from entering the U.S. in time.

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Koreshoff booked a ticked to come to Toronto instead and the couple decided that it would be only fitting to get married in the airport upon his arrival.

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“We’ve been in a long distance relationship for three years now, and we wanted to live together, and the only way to do that was to make it official,” said Scarfo to Global News.

Scarfo is an active Bunz user and had seen other couples in the past find witnesses and photographers for their last-minute weddings, so she decided that due to the time constraint they had, she would reach out to the trading community for help.

After posting the simple request, the couple was flooded with offers from people to not only officiate but to take pictures of the ceremony, as well as people who simply wanted to attend the nuptials.

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“We had over 300 people like the post, hundreds of commentators and people offering to help,” Scarfo said.

The couple ultimately decided on Reverend Evan Smith, who is an active Bunz user herself and had been tagged by a friend who saw the couple’s plea.

“I was really excited,” Smith said to Global News. “I love the idea of this wedding because it celebrates such a big part of their life, which is travel. These days so many are stepping outside of the confines of traditional church weddings and I think this is a great way to be somewhere that is important to them.

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“That is very significant. They’ve had lots of good memories here and to have the whole (Bunz) community here. It’s a really great day.”

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On top of Bunz attendees, numerous friends came to join the happy couple, and Koreshoff’s family was even able to witness the ceremony through FaceTime.

The couple exchanged vows using blue Ring Pop candy wedding rings.

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