January 23, 2017 3:00 pm
Updated: January 24, 2017 12:22 pm

Calgary student’s viral videos land him free trip to Vegas for World Series of Beer Pong

WATCH: Calgary student Andrew Borys joins Global Calgary to show off his beer pong skills and explain why he will heading to Vegas to compete in the World Series of Beer Pong.


A Calgary student will be taking an all-expenses paid trip to the World Series of Beer Pong, thanks to a set of viral videos featuring hard-to-believe trick shots.

Andrew Borys, 21, has been making videos for five or six years.

He shares them online – using mainly Facebook and Instagram – and each one has accrued tens of thousands of views and likes.

In his latest video, Borys throws 12 ping pong balls into 12 clear plastic glasses filled with water, effortlessly landing each shot.

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The video, posted one week ago, already has over 21,000 views. His last one, posted two weeks ago, has gotten over 182,000 views.

Borys’ videos have been so successful they caught the attention of officials with the World Series of Beer Pong in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Borys, who says he’s never competed in any kind of tournament before, was invited to attend the event for free – and accepted. The competition will be held from June 1-5 and offers a $50,000 prize.

“It’s definitely nerve-racking.”

When asked why he thinks his trick-shot videos seem to fare so well online, Borys said it’s because they’re relatable.

“A lot of people — at some point in their life — have either played beer pong, or they know of it,” he said.

Admitting he used to be quite shy, Borys said the videos were the perfect way to venture into the entertainment industry.

“I wanted to put myself out there, without actually having to put myself out there,” he said. “Creating these trick shot videos – where I didn’t need to speak into any camera, and I could do it in my parents’ basement – it offered that for me.”

“I made them because I wanted to create content and provide an entertainment value.”


Borys said he’s always been good at beer pong, but his skills have improved over time. However, he isn’t sure if his unique skill set transfers to other areas. He admitted his hand-eye coordination is pretty good – but says he’s never tried darts.

A business student at the University of Calgary, Borys enjoys making the videos as much as he enjoys starring in them. He even attended a cinematography class at the University of Southern California to learn how to produce quality content.

So how is Borys’ attendance received when he walks into a party?

He says it’s a mixed bag; some people are excited to play a round of beer pong with him, while others argue he has an unfair advantage.

Andrew Borys’ 3 tips for perfecting your beer pong shot:

  1. Stare at one cup, don’t just aim randomly.
  2. Hold the ball with your middle finger and thumb.
  3. Get fingers slightly wet before you throw – to improve your grip.


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