Syrian refugee families continue to settle in Saskatoon

Almost a year after arriving in Saskatoon, Syrian refugee families continue to settle into their new lives in the city. Dayne Winter / Global News

A number of Syrian families in Saskatoon continue to settle into their new lives almost a year after Canada brought 25,000 refugees to the country.

The first government sponsored Syrian refugees landed in Saskatoon last year on Dec. 19, with 85 families settling in the city during the government’s effort.

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Many continue to receive language and employment skill training support from Saskatoon’s Open Door Society.

Ali Abukar, the executive director of the organization, said the newcomers are well on their way to contributing to the local economy, however there has been an adjustment period.

“The language is obviously the main thing that they will feel first because whenever they want to talk to people they can’t talk to them,” Abukar said.

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“They also feel the difference in the currency, the money, the way that people do business here.”

The Open Door Society is also supporting 25 Syrian families who relocated to Saskatoon after the government effort ended.

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