Students at West Island College put a unique twist on Advent calendars

Click to play video: 'A twist on Advent calendars' A twist on Advent calendars
WATCH ABOVE: It’s called a reverse advent calendar, and as Billy Shields reports, it gives a whole new meaning to counting down the days to Christmas – Dec 12, 2016

Secondary One students at West Island College are turning the idea behind the Advent calendar on its head.

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Instead of counting down the days to Christmas with a sweet treat, they’re donating to community organizations every day.

Fiona Myers’ students are collecting canned goods, clothes and money for the 24 days of the Christmas season.

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“From pasta donations to the West Island Mission Food Bank, to toiletries that went to Sun Youth,” said Elizabeth Stafiej, communications officer.

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The students researched and picked the organizations they wanted to support.

Student Jack Dodds chose to raise money for the food bank his grandfather works at in Châteauguay.

“I’m hoping to surprise him.”

The class has already raised $50 to go toward WIAIH’s Christmas party this year.

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