Feds to slash wait times for spouse sponsorship for permanent residency

Want to bring your spouse or partner to Canada? It's about to get easier. The Canadian Press

OTTAWA – The length of time it takes for a Canadian to sponsor a spouse or partner for permanent residency is being cut dramatically.

Federal Immigration Minister John McCallum says changes being put in place by his department will see wait times drop to just 12 months.

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Currently, it can take about 26 months for a spouse already in Canada to receive permanent residency and an average of 18 months for those still abroad.

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McCallum says a $25 million cash injection, a revamp of the application process and making more room in the immigration program for spousal sponsorship are among the changes having a major impact on reducing wait times.

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The changes mean anyone with an application currently in the system will see a decision on their case by next December at the latest, while about 80 per cent of new applications will be processed within the 12-month timeline.

In 2017, about 64,000 spouses and dependents are expected to be admitted to Canada.

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