Orphaned polar bear cub arrives at Assiniboine Park Zoo

The female cub was found alone in the Churchill area without its mother for some time. Wildlife experts then transferred to the Assiniboine Park Zoo for care. Assiniboine Park Zoo

WINNIPEG — An orphaned polar bear cub has arrived at the conservation centre at the Assiniboine Park Zoo.

The female cub, who is approximately one year old and weighs 100 lbs., arrived Tuesday evening after being flagged for intervention and transferred to the zoo by Manitoba Sustainable Development.

The young cub was seen alone in the Churchill area without its mother for some time before wandering near the town. Cubs of this age need to stay with their mothers for at least one winter to learn how to hunt and to have her protection from other bears, Laura Cabak of the Assiniboine Park Conservancy said.

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“This is a very unfortunate situation as it appeared we would make it through the 2016 polar bear season without a bear needing our help,” said Chris Enright, head of veterinary services at the zoo.

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Credit: Assiniboine Park Zoo.
Credit: Assiniboine Park Zoo.
Credit: Assiniboine Park Zoo.

“Luckily we have an excellent facility and a team of professionals in Churchill and at Assiniboine Park Zoo that are equipped to deal with situations like this. We are happy to report that the cub is in good health and is doing well in her new surroundings.”

Now that the cub has arrived at the conservation centre at the zoo, she will undergo the standard 30 day quarantine period and will not be visible to the general public.

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The Assiniboine Park Zoo’s Journey to Churchill exhibit currently is home to seven polar bears; Storm, Aurora, Kaska, Blizzard, Star, York and Eli.

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