Donald Trump says he’s a ‘very sober’ person, tells supporters harassing others to ‘stop it’

President-elect Donald Trump says he’s a “very sober” person and says he’ll conduct himself “in a very good manner” as the nation’s president.

But the combative billionaire adds in an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” that his manner “depends on what the situation is.”

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The president-elect was asked in the interview conducted Friday if he’s going to use the same, sometimes divisive rhetoric he used during the campaign. He replied that “sometimes you need a certain rhetoric to get people motivated.”

Trump also said in the interview that he is “saddened” to hear that his supporters are harassing people and destroying property.

He said to those individuals, “I will say it right to the cameras: Stop it.”

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Trump also backed away from some of his hardline campaign promises.

His pledge to force Mexico to pay for a border wall was a centerpiece of his White House campaign, but in the interview said “for certain areas” he would accept fencing.

When asked about his previous statements on hiring a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton, Trump also seemed to soften his stance.

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“I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, I’m going to think about it,” Trump said. “I feel that I want to focus on jobs, I want to focus on healthcare, I want to focus on the border and immigration and doing a really great immigration bill.”

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Trump also said he would maintain aspects of outgoing President Barack Obama’s health care plan, also known as Obamacare. Trump said he would include coverage for people with pre-existing conditions and for children living with their parents for an extended period of time.

The interview was broadcast Sunday.