In Photos: welding students show off skills in wicked Halloween challenge

Welding students create Halloween-themed metal sculptures at a unique competition. Charles Taylor, Global News

A spider-web, a cemetery, a pumpkin, a ghost: they’re just a few of the items created out of metal at a unique welding competition Saturday.

The creativity of welding students from eight Edmonton area schools was showcased at the first annual Wicked Welding Competition hosted by CLAC’s Edmonton training facility.

Students were put into groups and challenged to design and create a Halloween-themed sculpture using a variety of welding techniques.

“It’s a great way to get them in here and it’s not a focus on who’s the best welder, it’s about encouraging the best team work,” Adam Clifford, a welding instructor, said.

The creations showcased welding process and cutting skills.

“CLAC training is a strong proponent for education in the trades, and we are excited about helping students explore their interests, while giving them an opportunity to use creativity and teamwork, and have a little fun,” Brad Bent, CLAC Training director for Alberta, said.

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Organizers hope to make the Halloween challenge an annual event.

2016 Wicked Welding Competition. Charles Taylor, Global News
2016 Wicked Welding Competition.
2016 Wicked Welding Competition.
2016 Wicked Welding Competition.
2016 Wicked Welding Competition.
2016 Wicked Welding Competition.

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