A look inside Coteau Creek Hydroelectric Station

Click to play video: 'A look inside Coteau Creek Hydroelectric Station' A look inside Coteau Creek Hydroelectric Station
WATCH ABOVE: The Coteau Creek Hydroelectric Station uses water from Gardiner Dam to produce electricity. Video journalist Eric Beck recently toured the site – Sep 16, 2016

Saskatchewan is trying to produce more power from renewable sources and one facility has been operating near Saskatoon for almost half a century.

Located at Lake Diefenbaker, Coteau Creek Hydroelectric Station is the third largest of seven hydroelectric power generation plants in the province.

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It uses water from Gardiner Dam to help produce a total of 186 megawatts, enough clean electricity to power up to 150,000 homes every year.

“We’re actually using the water that comes through Lake Diefenbaker, it passes through three hydro plants to produce electricity,” said SaskPower production supervisor Darrell Crooks.

The City of Saskatoon also uses the same water to help cool it’s natural gas power plant, effectively using the same water four times to help produce electricity throughout the province.

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How does it work?

“We’re drawing water from the middle of the lake. So the water comes in here, flows through the pipe and then comes through the generator and is then discharged through the chute into the South Saskatchewan River basin,” Crooks said.

“It is a renewable energy source as well and it will play a continued role at SaskPower as part of our renewable portfolio.”

SaskPower’s goal is to have 50 per cent of produced power in the province from renewable energy sources by 2030.

“Hydro stations are going to be part of the generation mix for a long time to come. I think it’s a good renewable energy source and it will continue on into the future,” Crooks said.

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