Yaletown shooting suspect waives right to speak on Day 2 of sentencing hearing

Security camera video shows events of 2014 Yaletown shooting
WATCH: Court video shows the events that took place the day that Gerald Battersby shot his former boss Paul Dragan in Vancouver's Yaletown.

The suspect in the 2014 Yaletown shooting was back in court Friday for the second day of his sentencing trial.

The brazen daylight shooting left 52-year-old bike shop owner Paul Dragan with severe injuries in front of a Starbucks on Davie Street and Marinaside Crescent.

Gerald Battersby, Dragan’s former employee and tenant, was identified as the suspect.

Battersby was later shot in a dramatic gunfire exchange with police officers near Science World in what Vancouver’s deputy police chief called an “extraordinary” incident.

Battersby was taken into custody and eventually charged. He pleaded not guilty at the time. But on Thursday, the 63-year-old pleaded guilty to five different charges, including attempted murder, intention to discharge a prohibited/restricted firearm and possession of a loaded prohibited firearm without proper authorization.

In a joint submission, Crown and defence are asking for 18 years in jail for Battersby: 11 years for the attempted murder of Dragan and seven years for the attempted murder of two police officers, minus credit for time served.

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The Crown alleges Battersby “is a clear and present danger” and he must be put away in jail until he no longer represents a threat.

Crown lawyer Henry Reiner says Battersby has shown no remorse for the crime.

“There’s been no suggestion of taking responsibility for what he did,” Reiner said.

Meanwhile, Battersby’s defence says their client was someone who had his “ups and downs,” but was once a successful musician and photographer.

His employer at the time of the shooting said Battersby was going through a hard time in his life: he was recently evicted from a temporary shelter and was trying to deal with his mental health issues.

The defence says Battersby doesn’t have a mental illness or disorder, but has poor judgement, adding that Battersby didn’t set out to go after police officers. Instead, his actions at the subsequent shootout at Science World are consistent with someone wanting the so-called “suicide by cop.”

Battersby was offered a chance to speak in court Friday, but waived his right to do so.

On the first day of the trial, Dragan read out an emotional victim impact statement, saying he still lives in pain after the shooting “shattered his body in a matter of seconds.”

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Dragan says he gets anxious every time he hears sirens and can’t watch the news if it’s about a shooting.

He says he has “palpable fear” of what might happen when Battersby eventually gets out.

“Ultimately, I just want justice for ourselves and I want safety for the citizens of this country,” Dragan said outside court. “I think what they have proposed in terms of this sentence, if it’s acted upon, will provide that.”

Read Dragan’s victim impact statement in full here.

The judge has reserved his decision, but the proceedings will resume on Oct. 21.

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Shocking details in downtown Vancouver shooting
Shocking details in downtown Vancouver shooting