Hidden treasure found during Kelowna packing house demolition

Click to play video 'Hidden treasure found during Kelowna packing house demolition' Hidden treasure found during Kelowna packing house demolition

The demolition of an old packing house has revealed a hidden treasure on Clement Avenue in Kelowna. The BC Tree Fruits building that was torn down to make way for future development is mostly gone, but a single white wall remains.

The mural was drawn by Sage Sidley for an art show in 2014, but it isn’t the only gem found inside the building.

Jeremy Orr from Diggit Landscaping, which is in charge of demolition, said when they were tearing down the building and saw the mural, it was “interesting” and “better than just tearing down a regular wall.” The wall was so unique to them, they decided to keep it up.

The mural is up for sale, but if it doesn’t sell soon it will be knocked down with the rest of the building. Diggit Landscaping has already sold old timbers and fir beams from the building privately.

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A thermograph, used to measure and record humidity or temperature, and old wrenches that were used to keep the building cool, were also saved. Both the tools now reside in the Okanagan Heritage Museum who call them “filled with cultural value.”


The 5.3 acre construction site is expected to continue demolition until October 22.