Back to school: 2 Texas students hit by cars as they step off school bus

Click to play video: 'Kids getting off bus hit by cars a lesson for all during back-to-school season' Kids getting off bus hit by cars a lesson for all during back-to-school season
WATCH: Both incidents serve as a reminder to slow down and stay alert on the road as back to school season gets underway – Sep 5, 2016

Two incidents of drivers hitting students getting off of school buses in Austin, Texas are serving as a stark reminder to drivers as back to school season gets underway.

On Monday last week, a 12-year-old boy was struck by a dark truck as he walked on a crosswalk after stepping off his school bus.

Cameras fitted on the bus captured the moment Amy McFadden’s son was thrown onto the pavement from the impact.

In the footage, the middle-schooler can be seen getting up after being hit by the car. He suffered minor injuries.

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A similar incident on Tuesday — also captured on camera — saw a 16-year-old driver strike a fellow student crossing the street as the school bus’ stop sign was engaged with flashing lights.

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Michael Masuo, 17, witnessed the incident and called 911.

“He got knocked, I think, 10 feet towards my car,” he said. Masuo recognized both the victim and the driver from school.

“She [the driver] was mortified. She thought she killed him.” The victim suffered minor injuries and was taken to a local hospital as a precaution.

Masuo also said the driver told him she was unclear about the law.

“She didn’t know that you had to stop for the bus stop coming from the opposite way,” he said.

According to KXAN, the drivers in both incidents received police citations.

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Come Tuesday, most schools across Canada will be starting the new school year and that means school buses will be returning to their daily routes twice a day.

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According to the Canada Safety Council (CSC), there is a spike in fatalities of young pedestrians between September and November each year.

One of their safety tips for drivers during back-to-school season is to watch the flashing lights on a school bus.

“Do not proceed until the lights are turned off, as there may still be children coming or attempting to cross the street. In most cases, traffic in both directions must stop unless separated by a median,” they wrote.

More traffic safety tips for parents and students can be found on the RCMP or CSC’s sites.

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