14-year-old ‘Popsicle king’ taking over streets of Lethbridge

Click to play video: '14-year-old ‘Popsicle King’ taking over streets of Lethbridge' 14-year-old ‘Popsicle King’ taking over streets of Lethbridge
WATCH ABOVE: Many students work grueling summer jobs to get through the months of no school, but one Lethbridge teen may have the coolest job this year. Erik Mikkelsen met up with 14-year-old Evan Row, or as he's better known on the streets and sidewalks, the Popsicle King – Aug 16, 2016

It may just be the coolest summer job ever. Fourteen-year-old Evan Row, better known as the Popsicle king is taking over Lethbridge – one sweet treat at a time.

“It’s been eventful! There’s been a few instances where we’ve forgotten keys, forgotten coolers,” Evan said. “There’s just a lot of stuff going on but overall it’s a lot of fun.”

It’s not often that your first job is also your first business. Evan is his own boss this summer with his original Dickie Dee bicycle. However, he credits his beginning back to his parents.

“My dad said that he saw an ice cream bike for sale on the internet, so we thought about it and talked about it for a little bit and then decided that we would get it,” Evan said.

His mom, Janet Row, said Evan grew up with entrepreneurs around him and wanted to support him in starting his own venture.

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“We’re kind of hoping that it will encourage him with this to be a self-starter and to go for things that might be a little quirky, but you know, will end up being fun and make some money,” Janet said.

Evan said on a normal day you can see him making his way around the south side towards Henderson Park where he hits the line before people head into the newly-renovated Henderson Outdoor Pool. He then makes his way towards downtown and Galt Gardens to wrap up his day.

Evan thinks there is no better way to spend the summer, than riding your bike.

“I’m doing something I enjoy, and getting active and it’s socializing as well.”

The young entrepreneur may be the only one in his class heading back to school with his own business, but hopes his peers follow suit.

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