How to avoid wasp stings as insect becomes more aggressive

A wasp hovers over a tulip on a warm spring day . (AP Photo/Mike Groll)

As food supplies for wasps begin to dwindle at the end of the summer, the insects can become more aggressive, leading to a higher risk of stings.

While the species may just be a pest for some, wasps pose a serious concern for those who are allergic. They can also be a danger for city waste collectors.

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As a way to help reduce the risk for waste collectors, the City of Edmonton offers the following tips to residents putting out their garbage:

  • Ensure garbage bags are tied up and cans are covered with lids
  • Keep waste storage area clean
  • Bag empty wine crates, as wasps are attracted to sugar and alcohol
  • Remove wasp nests from garbage areas as soon as they are discovered
  • Use wasp traps to distract them from the garbage area
  • Pick up all apples from lawns

People with a compost pile are asked to turn it regularly and keep it wet to avoid wasps.


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