Apple patents and leaks pointing to a waterproof iPhone 7

Apps displayed on a iPhone. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Patents connected to Apple and reports of upcoming alterations to its smartphones are pointing to a new iPhone that may very well be waterproof.

Rumours over Apple’s next generation of phone have been circulating for months, with reports saying that the company will remove the headphone jack and the traditional ‘home’ button’ for the upcoming iPhone 7.

However, new information collected by the blog Patently Apple, show recent patent acquisitions may draw a line to those modifications and a desire to make their new phones waterproof.

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One patent recently linked to Apple is for editing software used for underwater technology to ensure that photos don’t have “undesirable tints”.

Apple was also approved for a patent earlier this year for circuitry designed for “submersion detection”.

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Going back further, last year Apple was given a patent for a “protective barrier” to cover ports and another one for a coating to stop moisture from getting through to the electronic components.

The securing off all of these technologies shows Apple has been looking into waterproofing their smartphones over a long period of time. The removal of the headphone jack and the home button seem to indicate the elimination of any area that exposes the interior hardware.

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If true, Apple wouldn’t be the first to promote waterproofing as a smartphone feature.

In 2015, Sony released a ‘waterproof’ Xperia smartphone, though the company later updated its website warning those with the phone to “not to use the device underwater”. Other phones have claimed waterproofing but have not completely stood up to tests.

Other smartphones have touted water-resistance and provided cases to keep the interior dry, but Apple will look to break new ground if they do release a completely waterproof phone.

Though Apple has not commented on whether the iPhone 7 will in fact be waterproof, Apple users have been chiming in on social media, offering their opinions on the possibility of a phone that you can take swimming.

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