Here’s how Canadians are playing ‘Pokémon Go’

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How Canadians are playing Pokémon Go before its release
WATCH ABOVE: How Canadians are playing Pokémon Go before its release – Jul 11, 2016

Canadians can finally officially download the mobile gaming sensation Pokemon Go, but before Sunday, Canadians had to find workarounds to play the game.

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From numerous reports of injuries plaguing trainers who are too focused on catching Pokémon to look where they are going, to bizarre reports of a 19-year-old girl coming across a dead body while playing, news of the game likely plagued your social media feeds over the week.

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The app, previously only released in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand, allows users to leave their homes and use their phone’s cameras to “catch ‘em all” in real spaces.

Are Canadians playing Pokémon Go?

While a search for “Pokémon Go” didn’t bring up any results in the Canadian App Store, iOS users downloaded the app by signing out of their Canadian iTunes account and switching their location to the United States.

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Canadian iPhone users have done this by going to the “Settings” menu, tapping on “General” and “Language and Region.” They then have to create a new iTunes account for the U.S. Store and select “none” under billing information.

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Baltimore Police release video of car crash due to Pokemon Go

However, if you choose to do this you won’t be able to make any in-app purchases and you won’t be able to see apps that you purchased from the Canadian store in your Purchased section.

Android users were also finding a way around their geographical limitations by downloading what is called an Android Application Package (APK) file and download another version of Pokémon Go.

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However, downloading APK files can be dangerous as they can be infected with malware. According to reports, some eager Pokémon players were already tricked into downloading a malicious Pokémon APK file.

By Monday, Pokémon Go had already been installed on more Android smartphone in the U.S. than popular dating app Tinder and the app’s daily active users has already put it neck and neck with Twitter, according to data from SimilarWeb,

The app’s overnight success caused Nintendo shares to soar 25 per cent Monday and has added about US$9 billion in market value in just a few days, according to the Wall Street Journal.

What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go combines geocaching and virtual reality to allow users to hunt for Pokémon in real-life environments like your bedroom, or the park down the street.

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First, users are instructed to head to local landmarks – known as “Pokestops” – where they collect “Pokeballs” that help capture the Pokémon creatures. After that, you follow your virtual map hunting for Pokémon. Once you find them, you throw Pokeballs at them to capture them.

Once users train their Pokémon, they head to locations known as “gyms” to pit them against each other.

Of course, none of this will make sense unless you are already familiar with Pokémon – a popular Japanese anime and videogame series where trainers capture “pocket creatures” known as Pokémon and train them to fight each other.

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