Nadeau-Dubois resigns as co-spokesperson for Quebec student group CLASSE

MONTREAL – Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, the co-spokesperson for one of the more militant Quebec student groups, resigned Wednesday evening, according to media reports.

Often referred to as “GND,” one of the best-known faces of student movement, told the French newspaper, Le Devoir, that after six months, he believes that the Coalition large de l’Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante (CLASSE) needs new faces at the helm.

The newspaper published Nadeau-Dubois’ letter of resignation to members of the CLASSE.

In the letter, Nadeau-Dubois reiterates his committment to the student movement: “I am a student, I am an activist, and it is in these roles that I will continue to pursue my ideals.”

CLASSE, with or without me, will continue to accomplish huge things: I am not and I never was a leader.”

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His only regret, he said, is that he resigns with Jean Charest still in power, a premier “contemptuous and violent towards Quebec and its youth.

Shale gas, corrpution, Anticosti, Mont-Orford, tuition fee hikes, health taxes: the list of deceptions, lies, scandals and attacks of those in this government is too long.”

He ended his letter of resignation on a note of solidarity.

“Arrogance of power can only strengthen our confidence . . . outstretched hands do not let go. And we will walk again, for years if we must, and even after this strike ends, so that one day the people of Quebec can take back the reigns of our country from those only concerned with business and money.”
Two spokespeople, Jeanne Reynolds and Camille Robert, are still representing CLASSE.

According to the Le Devoir report, CLASSE members intend to meet this weekend to decide whether someone will be elected to take the place of Nadeau-Dubois.

Read Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois’ letter of resignation in full here (in French).