Axl Rose sends notice to Google, demands ‘fat photos’ be removed

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Axl Rose sends notice to Google, demands ‘fat photos’ be removed
Axl Rose sends notice to Google, demands ‘fat photos’ be removed – Jun 6, 2016

Guns N’ Roses lead singer Axl Rose isn’t pleased, and he’s sent a cease-and-desist to Google, insisting that all “fat” memes and photos of him be taken down.

The specific photo in question (top left in photo montage, below), which was taken at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg in 2010, is the real thorn in Rose’s side. He’s claiming ownership and copyright.

Web Sheriff, a company that strives to keep the internet “free of piracy,” is now sending notices on behalf of Rose.

“Copyright image of Axl Rose. Please be advised that no permission has been granted to publish the copyright image so we cannot direct you to an authorized example of it.”

Axl Rose fat memes

Understandably, Rose is upset, especially since he’s worked hard to shed several pounds for his upcoming Guns N’ Roses stadium tour, which starts at the end of June.

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Once Canadian photographer Boris Minkevich snapped pictures of an overweight Rose performing onstage and posted them on the Winnipeg Free Press website, the internet gave them “new” life in the form of “fat” memes.

Multiple memes of Rose proliferated online within a matter of days after they were stolen from the Free Press without permission, according to Minkevich.

Despite the fact that the photo belongs to the Free Press and Minkevich, in a later statement sent to TorrentFreak, a representative for Web Sheriff said Rose owns the copyright of the photo because all photographers at Rose’s concerts sign an agreement pre-show.

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“We can gladly confirm that all official/accredited photographers at [Axl Rose] shows sign-off on ‘Photography Permission’ contracts/’Photographic Release’ agreements which A. specify and limit the manner in which the photos can be exploited and B. transfer copyright ownership in such photos to AR’s relevant service company.”
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Minkevich states that he cannot recall if he signed any agreement before the show.

Google has not yet responded to Rose’s takedown demands.

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