Forest tent caterpillar treatment to continue in Winnipeg Monday night

The City of Saskatoon says the number of forest tent caterpillars is high this year especially in areas where green ash tree is common.
. Vytai Brannan / Global News

WINNIPEG — Spraying for the creepy crawling forest tent caterpillars is set to continue Monday night.

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City crews will start spraying at 9:30 p.m. in Insect Management Areas 23 and 24.

Neighbourhoods in Insect Management Area 23

  • Tuxedo Industrial
  • West Perimeter South
  • Whyte Ridge
  • Wilkes South

Neighbourhoods in Insect Management Area 24

  • Brockville
  • Buffalo
  • Chevrier
  • Linden Ridge
  • Lindenwoods
  • Pembina Strip
  • West Fort Garry Industrial

The treatment consists of crews spraying a biological product called Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki (Btk) directly onto the leaves of trees in parks and boulevards. The caterpillars ingest the product and die two to three days later.

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Spraying won’t happen if it rains or winds go above 20 kilometres per hour.

Anyone interested in applying for a buffer zone can email the city for more information at