Darwyn Cooke, award-winning Canadian comic book artist, dies of cancer

Canadian comic book artist Darwyn Cooke died after an aggressive fight with cancer May 14, 2016.

Canadian comic book artist Darwyn Cooke has died after battling an aggressive form of cancer.

The 54-year-old artist was well known for his work in the DC comic universe.

His family first announced the news that Cooke was receiving palliative care in a blog post titled “F–k cancer” Friday morning.

Just over 24 hours later, brother Dennis and wife Marsha announced the news of his death at 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

“We read all of your messages of support to him throughout the day yesterday,” the blog post reads. “He was filled with your love and surrounded by friends and family at his home in Florida.”

Cooke, though not a common name in Canada, was well known in the comic book community and worked on many recognizable superhero comics and animated TV shows, like Superman, Batman and Catwoman throughout his career. He also penned the acclaimed New Frontier series.

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He won the 2007 Joe Shuster Award for best Canadian cartoonist, and the 2015 Eisner Award for best Cover Artist.

While the type of cancer he was fighting hasn’t been named, his family has set up a donation page on the Canadian Cancer Society’s website asking fans to “please donate and share your best wishes” to celebrate and honour Cooke.

They also asked for donations to the Hero Initiative, a not-for-profit based in the U.S. which supports comic creators.

Fans are also taking to social media to share pictures of his work and to honour the Canadian.

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