Styrofoam, tires, drums on Irving land cause concern in residents

Various materials left behind on Irving land. Susan Layton

After an Elgin area man posted pictures of thousands of styrofoam crates and various other materials left behind on J.D. Irving Ltd. owned land, residents have been showing their concern online.

Kelly Layton came across the debris on Wednesday night, posting pictures to Facebook the following day.

Immediately concerned citizens took notice.

Thousands of styrofoam containers left near seedling area. Susan Layton

Among the styrofoam Layton also noticed several oil barrels and packaging marked “Caution Asbestos”, causing even more concern.

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“Every time it rains, that asbestos will run down into our drinking water,” said Layton

Layton said almost immediately Irving took action with clean up crews landing on site on Friday.

“The styrofoam seedling containers are ours and scheduled for removal next week.” J.D. Irving said in a statement. “The other materials – what appears to be construction debris – were not familiar to us.  We dispatched a team yesterday to verify the materials.  These materials have been removed by a certified, accredited environmental safety company.  We have also notified the Department of Environment of our actions.”

Layton said he also took a sample to a lab for testing and is awaiting those results before taking any further action.

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