Caught on camera: Out-of-control tractor-trailer nearly crushes cyclist in China

WATCH ABOVE: A cyclist in China narrowly escaped being crushed by a tractor-trailer that slid through an intersection.

A cyclist narrowly escaped a collision with a large cargo truck at an intersection in Nantong City in China’s eastern Jiangsu Province on Tuesday morning.

According to surveillance footage, the cyclist named Su was waiting for the light to change at the intersection. While he was waiting, a small truck was driving towards the junction. The truck braked suddenly causing a large cargo truck behind it to lose control.

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The tractor-trailer crashed into the smaller truck and another vehicle and slid through the intersection towards Su.

The cyclist ran away from the oncoming vehicles, leaving behind his bike which was crushed.

“At the time, I was waiting at the intersection. It was raining,” said Su.

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“It seemed like the smaller truck braked a little too late due to the rain and the cargo truck behind it tried to break in time and lost control,” he said. “I wanted to save myself so I just ran away.”

The driver of the cargo truck didn’t know Su escaped the accident, and thought he had run over the cyclist.

“After the accident happened, I got out of the truck and saw an electric bike lying in front of me,” said Yao, the cargo driver. “I looked for the driver everywhere and I could not find anybody.”

According to the preliminary investigation conducted by the police, due to the heavy rain and slippery road conditions, the driver of the cargo truck in front did not brake in time, which later caused the accident to happen.

Only one passenger in the minivan had minor injuries.

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