‘He pulled out a knife’: Edmonton road rage caught on camera

Click to play video: 'Dash cam catches road rage on Anthony Henday Drive'
Dash cam catches road rage on Anthony Henday Drive
WATCH ABOVE: A road rage incident was caught on camera on Edmonton's Anthony Henday Drive. One of the men involved in the incident is speaking out. Sarah Kraus reports – Apr 15, 2016

EDMONTON – A shocking case of road rage on the Anthony Henday was caught on camera.

Kurt Walushka was heading home from work Tuesday evening when his uneventful commute turned into a dangerous one.

“I was in the passing lane and had a vehicle just about side-swipe me so I hammered on the brakes and leaned on the horn to show him that I was not happy with his driving skills,” Walushka said.

The other driver is then caught on a dashboard camera doing what looks like playing chicken with Walushka’s car. But that wasn’t the worst of it, Walushka said.

“He reached over and ended up pulling out a hunting knife and waved that at me.”

Footage shows the driver then abruptly turning onto an exit ramp, taking out white posts in the process.

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“I was kind of stunned, just in shock. [I] couldn’t believe somebody would get that worked up just driving down the highway. It didn’t make any sense,” Walushka said.

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Edmonton police are now investigating. The suspect could be charged with careless driving, which carries a fine of $543.

“That could be an impaired driver. That could be someone who’s intoxicated by drugs,” Sgt. Steve Sharpe said. “It could be a domestic violence situation happening in a mini-van, or they could be escaping from another crime. So, the sooner we know about this, the better.”

While dashcam surveillance is helpful, the video alone isn’t enough to convict someone of an offence.

“This is the importance of having a witness come forward. In the video I could not tell what that object was,” Sharpe said. “I wasn’t sure if they were flashing something, or if it was a cellphone. But according to your witness, it’s a knife. A very concerning element.”

Walushka hopes sharing his experience helps drivers see how dangerous road rage can be.

“We’re all trying to get somewhere. Whether it’s a minute or two later, no big deal. The last thing we want to do is hurt ourselves or other people on the roads. We just need to calm down and take it easy,” Walushka said.

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With files from Sarah Kraus, Global News.

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