Edmontonians encouraged to ‘count themselves in’ through online census

The Edmonton skyline.
The Edmonton skyline. Global News

EDMONTON – Starting Friday morning, the 2016 Edmonton Census will be available for residents to fill out online.

A postcard with a secure access code and instructions on how to complete the census electronically has been mailed out to every household in the city. Using that code, Edmontonians can fill out the census online.

“The online census is an easy way for residents to complete the census at a time that is convenient for them,” Laura Kennedy, director of elections and corporate information with the City of Edmonton, said. “It’s quick, easy, private and there’s no need to answer your door.”

Watch below: How to fill out your census online

The census asks each household questions on topics such as the number of residents in the home, the primary language spoken and whether the home is rented or owned.

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The questionnaire also seeks to find out demographic information about residents, such as their gender, birth date and marital status.

All of the information collected is confidential.

“Accurate census information is vital to delivering city services,” Kennedy said. “With reliable numbers, we can more accurately plan for the services, facilities and infrastructure citizens need. It also ensures that the City of Edmonton receives appropriate funding from other orders of government.”

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Starting April 15, census workers will also head out door-to-door to collect data from households that haven’t completed the questionnaire online.

For the first time, the census will be completely paperless, as census workers will input data on tablets.

Online access to the census will end at 8 p.m. on April 30.