Trump most unfavourable U.S. presidential candidate in over 30 years: poll

Donald Trump says women who have abortions should be punished
WATCH ABOVE: Donald Trump says women who have abortions should be punished

The unpopularity of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has plunged to new lows according to the latest polling numbers.

Trump’s unfavourable rating is now at 67 per cent among U.S. voters according to a March Washington Post-ABC poll, which appears to be most negative rating for a major party candidate in over three decades.

The Post-ABC polling has been tracking Americans’ attitudes towards both Republican and Democratic candidates at various points in their campaigns since the 1984 race between Walter Mondale and Ronald Reagan.

The latest data showed Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton was second with 53 per cent of those polled rating her unfavourably. Texas senator Ted Cruz came in with a 51 per cent unfavourable rating.

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Meanwhile, a new Gallup Poll also showed Americans strongly disapprove of both Trump and Cruz as both GOP presidential contenders exchange personal attacks and find themselves mired in controversy after controversy.

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Trump is now viewed unfavorably by 65 per cent of the American public while 48 per cent view the ultra-conservative Texas senator as unfavorable in the Gallup poll.

“Republicans Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, in particular, have suffered significant drops in their images over the past two months,” writes Frank Newport, the editor-in-chief of Gallup.

“Trump continues to have the most negative image of any of the five active presidential candidates.  Cruz’s image has suffered as much as Trump’s, although he remains the better liked of the two GOP contenders.”

Donald Trump’s latest controversy, in a long saga of what some have called misogynist and racist comments, came after he was forced to back away from remarks he made during a chat with Chris Matthews on MSNBC where he said there should be “punishment” for women who access abortion if it is outlawed.

Last week, Cruz and Trump exchanged fiery shots at one another and dragged their wives into their war of words after an anti-Trump Super Pac ad featured Trump’s wife in a risqué pose.