Dying hamster fulfills ‘life goals’ with bucket list

Click to play video: 'Dying hamster goes on bucket list adventure' Dying hamster goes on bucket list adventure
WATCH: Owner Arden Kirby said she wanted to make Robin's final days the best possible – Mar 29, 2016

When Chicago couple Arden and Riley Kirby were looking to add to their pet family two years ago, they picked a long-haired Syrian hamster because of its “kind eyes.”

They named the hamster Robin after the late comedian Robin Williams.

Last week, Robin was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour in his abdomen. Instead of focusing on his disease, his family wanted to fill his final days with adventure so they embarked on completing a bucket list that they devised.

“Deciding to do a bucket list was easy,” Arden told Global News. “He already goes everywhere with us, so why not bring him to some of our favourite places around Chicago?”

They compiled a list of 16 things for Robin’s bucket list, 10 of which they’ve already completed. See the full list below.

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Arden says the hamster has been having a ball with his rabbit siblings Poppy and Pippin, taking “selfies” at landmarks throughout the windy city and pigging out on junk food.

“Some people don’t consider hamsters a ‘real pet’ but to us he is just as important and special as a dog,” said Arden.

“Instead of leaving him inside and watching him get sick we wanted to give him an adventure, something most people wouldn’t do for their small pet.”

It’s not certain how much time Robin has left so his owners plan on taking him on adventures until his time is up.

“I think he’s enjoying his time. He’s not the kind of hamster that’s scared of very much,” said Arden.

“Doing the bucket list with Robin has meant the world to us. We love him and he’s such a big part of our family and all we want to do is make his last days, weeks, months or possibly years the best possible.”

Robin’s bucket list:

1. Visit the Buckingham Fountain
2. Take a selfie at The Bean
3. Be famous for the day
4. Go out for some deep dish pizza
5. Pig out on my favorite junk food
6. Build an epic blanket fort and watch movies all day
7. Be featured in The Dodo
8. Fall asleep in my mama’s sweatshirt pocket every night
9. Take a goofy selfie with my best friend
10. Take a selfie at the Art Institute
11. Be Thor for a day
12. Eat a Chicago Hot dog
13. Run on my wheel a few more times
14. Eat a scrambled egg breakfast
15. Give my siblings a kiss every day
16. Cross the Chicago River at sunset


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