Group strives to save trees in Saint-Jacques Escarpment

Cutting down trees in Montreal
WATCH ABOVE: Sauvons la falaise! is calling for new practices to be implemented regarding large scale tree cutting on the island of Montreal. Global's Billy Shields explains.

MONTREAL – A Montreal group is meeting with provincial and municipal officials in an effort to stem what it describes as urban deforestation near the Saint-Jacques Escarpment.

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Lisa Mintz, of the group Sauvons la Falaise, said there are several species of migratory birds that have lost their homes after recent tree clearing by the province’s transport ministry.

“They’re encouraging a culture that says this is okay,” she insisted.

Mintz said private owners have gone ahead and cut trees of their own.

She admitted they were allowed to do so, but the damage has been done.

A meeting is scheduled for Monday night in the St. Raymond Centre in Lachine.

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