Breakfast Buzz: Should people be allowed to raise hens within city limits?

The City of Edmonton has expanded it's backyard hen program. However, urban hens are not allowed here in Saskatoon. Should they be?. Brian McKechnie / Global News

SASKATOON – With food prices at an all-time high, many are preparing for urban farming this summer. In some cities, this goes further than just growing a few vegetables in your backyard.

Urban hens are still prohibited here in Saskatoon, however they are gaining popularity in other cities across Canada. On Monday, the City of Edmonton expanded it’s pilot project to allow 50 sites.

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The initial pilot program started in late 2014 with 19 sites. Despite about a dozen complaints surrounding nuisance birds and foul odour, some city councillors said overall, the project went “relatively well.”

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In the past decade there have been numerous attempts to get city council to allow backyard chickens here in Saskatoon, with no success.

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What do you think? Should people be allowed to raise hens within city limits?

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