Winnipeg Jets fan favourite Kroppy recovering in hospital

Len Kropioski, better know as Kroppy, is one of the best-known Winnipeg Jets fans. The veteran is always pictured in the front row singing along to the Canadian anthem and saluting. Tamara Forlanski / Global News

WINNIPEG – You could say Winnipeg Jets fans have been missing a fixture on the team’s roster.

Len Kropiosky, much better known as “Kroppy” has been notably absent from about a month’s worth of Jets home games.

Kropiosky’s daughter tells Global News there’s been an outpouring of concern for the military veteran who appears on the jumbotron at the end of the anthem.

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“Kroppy” has been in hospital since Feb. 8 with some health problems. Family tells Global News he has stabilized but remains in hospital. His goal is to get strong enough to attend another game soon.

Kroppy will turn 98-years-old in July.

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