Fences around former dog park at Africville Park removed

File/Global News

The fences are coming down from around the former dog park at Africville Park in Halifax.

Africville is a national heritage site to commemorate the eviction of a primarily black community in the 1960s to build the MacKay Bridge across the harbour.

The city apologized for the eviction in 2010 and former residents and descendants of the community members asked for the dog park to be removed because it was disrespectful.

The park was closed in 2014 after city council voted to decommission it, but the fences remained and dog-walkers continued to visit.

Sunday Miller, executive director of the Africville Heritage Trust, said the removal of the fences on Friday sends a clear message.

“This is no longer an off-leash dog park. This is a family park,” she said, calling it a “momentous day”.

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“They’re sending a message loud and clear to the city of Halifax. We value Africville, we value the history here, and we’re working with the Africville Heritage Trust. I’m just so pleased.”

The trust is now working with the city to develop the park into an area that will cater to all Haligonians.