Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone 6S’ ad campaign features Montreal-based photographer

Apple's latest ad campaign features iPhone photography from every day users. Handout/Apple

For the second year in a row, Apple has released an ad campaign featuring images taken by iPhone users — but this time the campaign features portraits of real people, instead of landscapes.

The “Shot on iPhone 6S” ads features 53 images crowd sourced from 41 amateur photographers around the world; including Pierre Babin, a Montreal-based photographer and designer with over 5,000 Instagram followers.

Babin’s image, a portrait of his friend against a brick wall, will be featured in online ads and on Apple-branded billboards in cities across the globe.

Non-square portrait d'un gars qui, comme moi, ne shoot que en square. Je fais une exeption, juste pour t'embêter @une_olive 🙃

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