Psychiatric assessment delayed again for convicted animal abuser April Irving

April Dawn Irving appears in court in Lethbridge.
April Dawn Irving appears in court in Lethbridge in Feb. 2015. Global News

A southern Alberta woman who had about 200 dogs seized from her Milk River property in Dec. 2014 appeared in Lethbridge court for the sixteenth time Thursday. Irving is facing 14 charges in relation to what is known as Alberta’s largest animal seizure in Alberta SPCA history.

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The story garnered strong public reaction after pictures were shared of the dogs who were discovered starving, dehydrated and chained to fences. Five additional dogs were found dead during a second visit from authorities.

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In November Irving’s lawyer requested that she be allowed to complete a psychiatric assessment to speak to her mental well-being at the time of the incident. She reappeared in court Dec. 18 and admitted that she had not complied with the request yet.

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The judge ordered her to have it done before Thursday’s appearance, but Irving’s lawyer told the court that she needs more time. Her lawyer explained that Irving recently broke her leg in an accident and was just discharged from the Chinook Regional hospital two days ago.

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Irving had been previously convicted on animal abuse charges in the province of Saskatchewan in 2011.  She has yet to enter a plea in Alberta.

She will set to appear in Lethbridge court Jan. 29.

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