Boxing Day is still Canada’s favorite holiday shopping day

SASKATOON – The weather outside might have been frightful, but the Boxing Day sales made it more delightful. Saskatoon shoppers started lining up early Saturday morning to get the best deals.

“We had a great line-up to start the day. Although it was -25°C we still had a huge line-up prior to opening,” said Best Buy general manager Rokhan Sarwar.

According to an poll, Boxing Day is still Canada’s favorite shopping holiday. Fifty-three per cent of Canadians will shop on Boxing Day compared to 45 per cent on Black Friday.

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“I’m glad to see that Boxing Day is still a relevant day for Canada. It is one of our busiest days in retail. Black Friday has taken a huge stride forward in Canada year over year, but that doesn’t mean Boxing Day is getting slower,” said Sarwar.

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However, there are conflicting opinions. Some retailers say Black Friday is taking profits away from Boxing Day.

“Boxing Day, I don’t think, is quite as important as it was because Black Friday is becoming a bigger deal. The sales dollars go more to Black Friday and a little less to boxing day,” said London Drugs sales associate Rob Forsyth.

For local niche stores like The Better Good on Broadway, Boxing Day doesn’t hold the same value.

“For Boxing Day, we don’t really plan anything. We aren’t trying to encourage people to buy any more things. If anything our store are about the opposite,” said co-owner Cory Neufeld.

It isn’t just a day anymore, many retailers are staying competitive by having Boxing ‘Week’ sales. Giving shoppers more time to find the best deals and spend their cash.

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